1. What is The Asian lottery? / Who is the Promoter of this company?

The Asian lottery is a very famous lottery in india this makes so many milliners in all over world. National lottery of sports council is the promoter of this company

2. What is online Lottery and how is it different from paper lottery?

There is no much difference between paper lottery and online lottery. But you have to purchase paper lottery from particular place and by the reseller in only particular places in india,but if you want online lottery you can purchase any where in world direct from company. It is much easier than paper lottery

3. How is the Lottery/Draw conducted

Draw starts from 4:00 pm and ends with 6:00 pm. Everyday results are announced on 6:00 pm.If you purchased the tickets before 4:00 pm then check your results on the same day if you purchase tickets after 4 pm then check results at next day 6:00 pm. Countdown clock comes to zero at every 4:00 pm.so,think that draw is conducting and check it at 6:00 pm.

4. How is transparency of the Draw established? / How do I know that the games and the numbers are not rigged?

Draw has been done in strict observation of four gazetted officers and one first class magistrate by manual lottery number machine. So there will be no chance to fraud or rigging.

5. Who can play/buy lottery ticket?

Every body those who has completed their 18 yrs age can be play The Asian lottery

6. Must I be an Indian resident/citizen to play?

No, you no need to be an indian to play this lottery,any citizen of any country can play this lottery but the thing is those who wants to play this lottery should have indian rupee either by online money. Debit or credit card of inr

7. Which are the games that are offered by The Asian lottery? How do I play these games?

The Asian lottery offer six(6) games which of opal,topaz,silver,gold,platinum and diamond game of different cost and winning so player can choose their choice of playing.you just want to select numbers which you want to play your selected numbers will automatically come in to selected numbers box there you can purchase tickets or you can cancel the tickets

8. Where can I play the games?

Where ever you are can play this lottery.but you should have inr currency either online or debit or credit cards

9.What is the My Account page?

Your account page is a recognition of you and your purchases. Your account page is the identification of you to the company.

10. How can I get Results of The Asian LOTTERY GAMES?

You will automatically noticed by sms and E mail if you win, if you want to see entire results of the lottery you just click on lottery results button of the website, there you can see current day and previous dates results of the lottery

11. How do I know if I have WON?

You will automatically noticed by sms and E mail if you win.our representative will call you and guide you about winnings

12. Incase I have won, how do I claim the prizes? Do i need to go for any The Asian lottery office to claim my prize?
In the event that your ticket wins a prize, first of all you have to fill up claim form which you can get from lottery results page of this website. You will receive a text message or email informing you of your win. Smaller, non-jackpot prizes are automatically paid into your bank account with in shortly after the draw and you can choose to withdraw your winnings or use them to fund future ticket purchases. If you win a significant prize, or even the jackpot, a representative from the lottery concierge service will contact you to guide you through the claims process. You no need to go for any The Asian lottery office
13.Do you pay prize(s) in cash or cheque?

How do you want.if you have any bank account we will transfer whole money to your bank account,if you don’t have we will provide you cheque or if you wish for physical money we will pay in cash through a representative but day and traveling alaences of representative will be deduct from your prize money

14. Where can I get the "Claim Form" if I win?
You can get claim form in this same website,just click on claim form button and fill up and just send.we will collect your information and we go through claim processes
15. With in how much time of the draw do I need to claim the prize?
As early as possible you have to claim the prize,maximum time for claiming of prize is seven days(7)
16. In how much time will I receive the prize won?
After filling the claim form usually you will get the prize money with in two working days,if the winning money is significant it will take two more days,but the maximum time not exceeds seven(7)days
17. Is the money from prize legal?

Yes the winning prize is legal.

18. How do I help the community cause? / How does the society benefit in the process?

In its 20 years, the Asian Lottery — UK’s official lottery operator — has raised more than £30 billion worth of funds for a wide variety of charitable causes both in the UK and overseas. Fifty per cent of ticket sales go towards lottery and raffle prizes, while 28% (approximately £30 million each week) go to the National Lottery Good Causes foundation, which has distributed the funds to more than 1,000 organizations.

19. Can we play on Asian Lottery at any time of the day?

Yes it is open for 24 hours to play and buy tickets,so you can purchase any time in a day and it is open for 365 days in a year

20. I am NRI residing in Dubai currently. Can I play online lottery in India from here? Or do you have to be physically present in India to play?

Yes you can purchase The Asian lottery anywhere in world but you should have inr credit or debit card,if even you have online transfer access then also you can play. You no need to stay in india to purchase tickets, the only thing is you should have indian currency to play

21. Does The Asian lottery have any other associate / partner websites?
No, we have no other associate or partner websites every time you have to purchase lottery through Our website only ,other than this we don’t have any websites
22. I forgot my pass word how can i get back into my account.

Yes absolutely you can get in to your account again,just go through forgot password and reset your password

23. Can I make payment for Asian Lottery through my debit/credit card

Yes you can make payment through your debit and credit cards,and this is the safest and fastest way to buy tickets,even you can tranfer money to purchase The Asian tickets

Terms and conditions:

1. All claims of Taxable Prizes (Rs 50000/- and more) should be submitted with the PAN details, in Asian Lotteries in the prescribed claim form.

2. The form should be filled clearly showing the Name of the claimant, Postal Address , Name of the Lottery, Prize amount, PAN Number, Contact Number and Bank details like Bank Account Number, IFSC code, Name of the Bank and Branch etc.

3. Asian lotteries shall not be liable to pay prizes on miss use of their mobile number, email id or the lottery ticket details, customers are requested to keep their purchase details confidential

4. Prize money in favor of winners Rs 50000/- and above shall be paid in the form of IMPS/NEFT/RTGS after deducting commission, on drafts and postal charges as applicable. Prize money payable to winners within tax limit (below 50000/-) shall not be deducted.

5. Customers are requested to submit claim forms only after winning lottery pre application of claim form shall not be considered

6. Draw will be conducted with all the numbers (sold&unsold),winnings will be distributed to only sold numbers

7. Customers are requested to fill up and submit claim form with in 7 days of winning lottery, genuine claim forms with all necessary details will be paid money with in 24 hrs of submission, claim forms with wrong details will not be entertained or replied

Winning numbers sequence

If the customer purchase NO:123456

1st prize will be the whole matching of NO:123456

2nd prize will be the five numbers matching from last digit [ Ex : NO:*23456]

3rd prize will be four numbers matching from last digit [ Ex : **3456]

If the customer won 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes with a single lottery ticket they are eligible to claim only one prize which is greater in prize money

If two or more people purchase the same lottery number and won the lottery they all are eligible to claim and they will be paid in full (no deduction or sharing will be takes place)everyone will be paid individual